Let’s talk Russian education reform

Sandra Leaton Gray

800px-School_366,_Saint_Petersburg,_Russia School 366, St Petersburg

I had to do a very sound byte led interview for CNBC this week, for a film to be shown at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. It’s hard to be very expressive about your educational philosophy in a few disjointed words, so I thought it was time for a new blog post. Here are some of my thoughts on schooling and standards in response to some of their questions. As ever, comments and discussion always welcome, of course.

  • Where along the learning spectrum do you think that governments should target investment in education? In early years’ development, secondary, vocational, or higher education?

I am assuming we are talking about the greater good here. The evidence says that we need to top load education, by investing in early years very heavily. This is particularly important when you have polarised societies or problems with child poverty, as the…

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